How you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING

Did you know that how you do anything is how you do everything?

Seriously! It is!

Often we think that we are able to segment and separate our lives, our bodies, our thoughts, our relationship with others and so on. We think that by working on our abs, only our abs with be transformed, but in fact, as I'm sure you know, other areas of our body are also improved!
This is because everything is CONNECTED, everything is ONE.
Like a stone thrown into a lake, there is a ripple effect. And however small, goes outward.
Therefore, it is impossible to be one way in one situation, and not have it affect other areas of your life.
Even professional actors playing a particularly disturbing role report that however fictitious, pretending to be that character has an effect on their lives. 
And this is GREAT NEWS, because this means that by improving one area in your life, there will be a ripple effect to all other areas!
And, best part is you can pick the easiest area to do first!
To get you started, here are some possible areas to work on:

  1. Health and fitness
  2. Self-talk
  3. Relationships
  4. Communication
  5. Finances
  6. Integrity
  7. Career
  8. Spirituality

You can literally pick any one of these to improve on and by the ripple effects of nature; the others will improve as well.

They actually HAVE to. How awesome is that?!

Say for example, you want to be fitter. So you decide to start eating more vegetables and exercising. After a while, your energy level increases, you start to feel good and then naturally start to show up in all these other areas of you life as a happier feel good person, therefore improving them all, just by default.
You can’t help it. You are the ripple in the water and everything else is just going with the feel good flow.
So I invite you to take a look at the different areas of your life, pick 2-3, and see if you can draw some parallels between them.
For example, ask yourself, “How do I show up in my career and how is that similar to how I show up when it comes to in my health?”
Do you show up complacent and disengaged at work? Do you resist doing things that you know you *should* be doing? Do you say you’re going to do something and then don’t follow through?
Can there be a parallel drawn to showing up in the same way with health? Or your integrity? Or your finances?
Spoiler alert: The answer is always YES.
Here’s another example: Say you observe that your self-talk isn't that great and you work to improve it. You start to catch negative thoughts and replace them with kind, encouraging ones. Eventually, you will notice that by being kind and loving to yourself, you will naturally want to DO kind loving things for yourself and others, such as feed yourself nutritious food, exercise your body and treat others with the same kindness and compassion. How could you not? It wouldn't make any sense otherwise!
So, ask yourself, what is an area you want to improve in your life? And how can you apply this concept to going about improving it? Comment below to let me know!
And if you’re not quite sure, or struggling to find some parallels, then I invite you to book a free clarity call with me HERE. During this 30 minute call I will help you get crystal clear on how you can immediately improve any area of your life.

In the meantime, Shine on☀️

Why you've got to DITCH the Plan B

I’ve got a question for you - Do you like to have a backup plan? A Plan B?
Often when we set goals, we are venturing into unknown territory, and that can be scary.
So we like to have a Plan B, just in case.
It puts our minds at ease to have an option to fall back on, to cut ourselves some slack.
But here’s the thing -  Having a Plan B is detrimental to your success, it’s the kryptonite to your desires!
There’s a saying, “If you want to take the island, you’ve got to burn the boats.”
Why? Because taking the island is scary! And hard! And there’s a good chance you’ll bleed at some point.
But in order to persevere, in order to not give up when the going gets tough,you need to have no other option.
Because when things start to get dicey, the temptation to get back on your boat and set sail to Comfortland is far too great.
You must be ALL IN. 
This means that if you want to live the life of your dreams, you must FULLY COMMIT to your goal and ditch the Plan B.
Having a Plan B splits your focus and your energy. It’s one foot in, one foot out. That makes it really hard to go all the way with something, not to mention is a pretty weak beam to send out into the universe.
Because when push comes to shove, Plan B is usually the victor. 
Which begs the question, “Why even bother with a Plan A at all??”
I recently discovered I had a Plan B lurking in my brain. 
About a year ago I left my full time corporate job to start my own business. I told myself I was all in and I was really going to go for it. And I did, kinda.
Even though it was something I really wanted and I knew I was MEANT to be doing, I was really scared, and really doubtful.
And so naturally, there was a Plan B.
I had skills and experience, I could always go back to the corporate world if things didn’t work out.
So I was in limbo, kinda trying and kinda coasting, I had a backup plan after all.
Then one day I thought, “What if going back to the corporate world WASN’T an option?”
Like a jolt of lightening I sat up and everything became laser focused. I had no other choice. I HAD to make this work. And since then I’ve flung myself full force into my business and haven’t looked back.
Every now and again, usually when I’m supposed to do something I’m afraid to do, a thought creeps back into my brain, telling me that it’s okay if I get a job, lots of people do it.
In these moments I banish these thoughts and recommit to my vision.
In order to change your life and accomplish your goals you must only have a Plan A. Set a goal, set a date, and don’t have any wiggle room.
You MUST meet your goal. There is no other option. 
So what is, right now, a goal you can set for yourself?
Write this goal down. This is your ONLY plan.
Feel the force of your commitment and the focus of your energy on this goal. When you have a Plan A, it’s amazing how your perseverance and resourcefulness can come out.
Jump in with both feet and give it your all.
And let me know how it goes.
Shine on☀️
PS Remember through all of this, to be kind to yourself.  You don’t need to be 100% perfect in execution or completion. Sometimes things happen, and that’s okay.  Also, I’m not saying to be reckless and irresponsible. Save money for the future, buy car insurance, do your dishes.

What are you COMMITTED to?

Have you made a new commitment in your life?

Whether it's to get healthy, read more, find a new job, etc, it's all very thrilling and exciting at the beginning, but then the energy of it can wear off and you go back to your old patterns. Sigh. 
Because here's the thing, when we’re in the throws of making changes in our lives and committing to something new, often things (ahem, excuses) get in the way!
Things like time and money.
Have you ever wanted to do something, say take a class, but then you tell yourself that you don’t have time or you don’t have the money?
I’m guessing the answer is probably YES.
Of COURSE you do! I do too, it’s human nature!
And it’s a common socially acceptable reason, which makes it super easy to enrol yourself and others in that excuse.
So here’s the deal: if you’re struggling with your new commitment and making excuses, try swapping one commitment for another.
But wait. How do you find your current priorities and commitments?
Take a look at how you currently spend your time and your money.
Try this out: for the next week, keep track of your time.

  1. Make a note in your phone or in a notebook all the things you do during the day and the amount of time spent on them.
  2. Tally them into categories like: sleep, work, cooking, driving, getting ready, spending time with people, social media etc.
  3. Note the top 3 – these are the 3 biggest time commitments in your life.

Are you surprised? Is your life as balanced as you’d like it to be? Is there something in there that you can do less of to create space for the thing that you REALLY want to do?  
Next is money. Eeek, I know.
Many times a lot of fear comes up for people when it comes to taking a look at how they spend their money. If that’s the case for you, then come at this from a place of curiosity and non-judgement, you’re just doing a little detective work.
The idea is to get information so that you can then slot in the things that you actually WANT to be doing and make your life better, not to beat yourself up about your financial choices in the past!
So go ahead and look at your bank statement and do a similar exercise as the time one. Create categories like rent/mortgage, transportation, food, shopping, going out etc
Any surprises here?
When I did this exercise, I found that I spent a LOT more money on going out with friends than I realized. But, once I became aware of this I could become a lot more conscious of my spending in these situations and create alternatives.
Instead of going out, I’d have a friend over for dinner and then put that money towards the glass working class I really wanted to do. Win win. 
Commitment longevity can be difficult in the beginning, so RECOMMITMENT (daily) is required.
It also helps immensely to have someone to help keep you focused, accountable, and on track. Someone like a friend, mentor or coach. So grab a buddy and get started. 

Or if you’re curious as to how I could help you really dig into this and get you on the right track, you can book a free clarity call with me HERE.
Eventually your new commitment becomes your new way of life and it’s all a lot easier. You’ve got this!
Shine on☀️

Why you should NEVER make a decision again!


Do you suffer from analysis paralysis? 
If you're anything like me, making a decision has become an impossible struggle these days – there are just SO MANY OPTIONS!!
Why does buying toilet paper cause me so much anxiety?! I’m mean, let’s get real, it’s ass-wipe.
Because I want the BEST toilet paper, that’s why.
And therein lies the problem. There’s no such thing.
With the abundance of choices we have today, coupled with the desire for the BEST, or the RIGHT, or the PERFECT thing, it’s no wonder dissatisfaction is at an all time low.
It’s impossible to attain this kind of perfection.
So what to do?
Throw away the idea of decision making all together.
What I’m saying is: don't DECIDE on anything ever again!
Instead, do something different. COMMIT rather than DECIDE.

Pick something, commit to your choice, and get on with your life.

So why does this work?
COMMITMENT is aligned with INTENTION, which is powerfully direct. It tells your brain that YOU are the one in charge here. And overrides the neurotic doubtful chatter about their being something “better” out there.

It also frees up brain space to think of something more productive and interesting which is always nice.
Now, I’m not saying to turn off your brain altogether when it comes to choosing what to commit to. Use the knowledge of your beliefs, values and preferences to evaluate the product/situation, and then commit.
For example, I like soft 2 or 3-ply toilet paper and I want it to be environmentally friendly, so I pick one and commit to my choice. 
Then I mentally say, “I COMMIT to this one”. 

It seems a bit silly, but it's important - it tells my brain that it can stop analyzing and think of other things now. 

Try it out, it can be literally be applied to every area of your life.

  • Want to have a great weekend? Don’t get wrapped up in FOMO, COMMIT to a plan and then go with it.


  • Want to be more fit? COMMIT to an exercise routine and then do it. No more thinking required.


  • Want to find a relationship? COMMIT to getting to know someone. Throw out the idea that if you keep swiping, you’ll find someone better.

Know that by committing to something in the moment DOES NOT MEAN committing for the rest of your life.
It means commit for right now, or for the next week, or month, or whatever your goal is, and then see how it unfolds, making adjustments along the way.
In my toilet paper example, let’s say I get the 2-ply. Then after a couple weeks I realize that I’d actually prefer the 3-ply. The next time I go to the store, I’ll get 3-ply. It’s all good. No need to stress and beat myself up about my 2-ply choice.
So I invite you, to ask yourself right now: What can I commit to?
Write it down, commit in your mind, and then DO IT!

Feel the power behind it - it feels good doesn’t it? Refreshing almost.
Give it a try, and post below how it goes.
Shine on️☀️

ps If you find that doubtful thoughts creep back into your mind after you've committed, just repeat to yourself, "I commit to my choice" until they go away. 

What WOMEN and DIVERSITY have to do with your LIFE PURPOSE

Happy International Women’s Day to all the Ladies AND all the Gents out there!

I am fierce about equality for not only women, but all humans.

It makes sense to me that if you’re human then you are entitled to the same rights as all other humans, regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs, height, weight, age, occupation, etc.

In addition to fairness, embracing true equality is what creates DIVERSITY in society. But why is that important?

Because diversity facilitates the PURPOSE of everyone on the planet - which is to EVOLVE and GROW in LOVE and JOY.

When we embrace diversity in our lives, it stretches us to expand ourselves by seeing another point of view, by practicing compassion and by creating connection.

It helps us to grow into our own unique purpose.

When someone is restricted from the FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION of being who they are, when someone is restricted from THRIVING in their own unique way, diversity doesn’t occur.

Instead there is stuckness in a limited point of view, in a limited way of thinking, in a limited way of being. Purpose is lacking, tension is building, and personal growth is stifled for us all. 

So on this International Women’s Day, I really can’t think of anyone better to embrace in the name of GROWTH than women.

Women, after all, are the creative force of nature - evolving, expanding, and growing.

Today I hope everyone will celebrate the contributions, the rights, the ideas, and the full expression from women of all cultures and backgrounds.

Celebrate this day as an opportunity to facilitate growth and purpose in your own life, and in turn, the lives of others.  

Shine on☀️

Why TODAY is the only day you should be focusing on

Have you ever heard someone say, “There’s always another day!”
If you're like me, then this is probably something you’ve be told more than once. Usually by someone who is optimistically trying to make you feel better about something.
And although it SEEMS like a nice and helpful thing to say, it’s actually not doing you any favours!
What do I mean?
Well, let me backup for a minute. I consider myself to be a fairly optimistic person, and I have (guilty!) said this phrase time and time again, not only to other people, but to myself. Constantly.
"It’s okay," I’d say to myself. "Relax, you’re so stressed. It’s alright to put that thing off until tomorrow."

Now, maybe some days I really was stressed and it was a glorious act of self care to give myself a break.
But usually, probably about 99% of the time, that was not the case.
It was actually fear and procrastination talking because often DOING NEW THINGS IS SCARY. 

But here's the thing, doing new things is kinda the point of life - it's what makes us grow and gives us purpose. 

And all the growth and purpose has to do with what is happening NOW, not “another day!”
Because you know what eventually happens? “Another day” turns into “Someday” turns into years going by and you’re stuck in the exact same place you were 2 years ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago and so on.   

I know you can feel me on this one, so repeat this mantra to yourself when ever you find that you're procrastinating/avoiding/putting off something: There is no other day. There is only today.
And then take ACTION.

Because life is made up of a series of today’s, not tomorrow’s.
And it is TODAY that you can choose to do the thing that you KNOW is going to make your life better. Today is the day to make that difficult call, or throw out those cigarettes, or apply for that job.
So what are you putting off until another day? What are you waiting for?

Your life is waiting for you to fully show up, make that day today, not someday.
Shine on ☀️

Feel the Vibe of LOVE to Get What you Want


Happy Valentines Day! ❤️

Today is a day about relationships, and of course, about LOVE. But really, love is all around us, everyday, all the time. 

So I figured, on this day of LOVE, why not show you how by using LOVE you can get anything you want in your life!

Now, you may have heard the phrase, “You get what you give” But did you know that you can actually CHOOSE what it is that your getting?

No really!

AND that when you give LOVE, you not only magnify what you get in return, you actually have your pick of the litter when it comes to what you want it to be.

Let me explain.

Love is one of the highest vibrations there is, it’s right up there with joy and gratitude.

Therefore, as is with anything that is high up, it has access to everything below it. It’s kinda like moving up through the grades in school. When you’re in grade 12, you have access to all the knowledge in the grades below you because you’ve worked your way up. Does that make sense?

Now, how does this relate to choosing what you get?

Well, since everything in life is a vibration, and being in a state of love you have access to everything, then you get to choose what you want in return.

The key here is to be INTENTIONAL with what you want in return, otherwise, you may get something you didn’t really want.

For example, say you want to make more MONEY. $$$!

This is what you do: you infuse your work with LOVE, JOY and GRATITUDE. Same vibration, remember? So if love is a stretch, try some appreciation for the things you like about your job and what it provides for you.

<This, by the way, is why people are always talking about gratitude! >

The key is to be in a high vibe place 99% of the time, not just once and a while. So watch out for those negative thoughts creeping back in and definitely DO NOT COMPLAIN to others about your job! And stay away from people who do. It literally kills the vibe, you've probably felt this before. Then you're back down to a super low vibe, and that's not where the money is! All you get there is resentment, anger, and grief. Ugh, who wants that?

So, once you're in that high vibe place, doing your work, ASK that all that loving energy be multiplied and returned to you in the form of money. 

Like a boomerang, BELIEVE & TRUST that it's coming back to you. 

You can also try this with anything else you desire at work and yes, also in relationships!

For example, maybe it’s words of appreciation, or praise, or recognition, or for the garbage to be taken out - whatever it is, remember to be specific in asking for what it is that you want in return. 

Open your heart and give this a try. Reply to this email and let me know how it goes for you, I’d love to hear all about it!
Shine on,