Have you ever heard someone say, “There’s always another day!”
If you're like me, then this is probably something you’ve be told more than once. Usually by someone who is optimistically trying to make you feel better about something.
And although it SEEMS like a nice and helpful thing to say, it’s actually not doing you any favours!
What do I mean?
Well, let me backup for a minute. I consider myself to be a fairly optimistic person, and I have (guilty!) said this phrase time and time again, not only to other people, but to myself. Constantly.
"It’s okay," I’d say to myself. "Relax, you’re so stressed. It’s alright to put that thing off until tomorrow."

Now, maybe some days I really was stressed and it was a glorious act of self care to give myself a break.
But usually, probably about 99% of the time, that was not the case.
It was actually fear and procrastination talking because often DOING NEW THINGS IS SCARY. 

But here's the thing, doing new things is kinda the point of life - it's what makes us grow and gives us purpose. 

And all the growth and purpose has to do with what is happening NOW, not “another day!”
Because you know what eventually happens? “Another day” turns into “Someday” turns into years going by and you’re stuck in the exact same place you were 2 years ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago and so on.   

I know you can feel me on this one, so repeat this mantra to yourself when ever you find that you're procrastinating/avoiding/putting off something: There is no other day. There is only today.
And then take ACTION.

Because life is made up of a series of today’s, not tomorrow’s.
And it is TODAY that you can choose to do the thing that you KNOW is going to make your life better. Today is the day to make that difficult call, or throw out those cigarettes, or apply for that job.
So what are you putting off until another day? What are you waiting for?

Your life is waiting for you to fully show up, make that day today, not someday.
Shine on ☀️