Do you suffer from analysis paralysis? 
If you're anything like me, making a decision has become an impossible struggle these days – there are just SO MANY OPTIONS!!
Why does buying toilet paper cause me so much anxiety?! I’m mean, let’s get real, it’s ass-wipe.
Because I want the BEST toilet paper, that’s why.
And therein lies the problem. There’s no such thing.
With the abundance of choices we have today, coupled with the desire for the BEST, or the RIGHT, or the PERFECT thing, it’s no wonder dissatisfaction is at an all time low.
It’s impossible to attain this kind of perfection.
So what to do?
Throw away the idea of decision making all together.
What I’m saying is: don't DECIDE on anything ever again!
Instead, do something different. COMMIT rather than DECIDE.

Pick something, commit to your choice, and get on with your life.

So why does this work?
COMMITMENT is aligned with INTENTION, which is powerfully direct. It tells your brain that YOU are the one in charge here. And overrides the neurotic doubtful chatter about their being something “better” out there.

It also frees up brain space to think of something more productive and interesting which is always nice.
Now, I’m not saying to turn off your brain altogether when it comes to choosing what to commit to. Use the knowledge of your beliefs, values and preferences to evaluate the product/situation, and then commit.
For example, I like soft 2 or 3-ply toilet paper and I want it to be environmentally friendly, so I pick one and commit to my choice. 
Then I mentally say, “I COMMIT to this one”. 

It seems a bit silly, but it's important - it tells my brain that it can stop analyzing and think of other things now. 

Try it out, it can be literally be applied to every area of your life.

  • Want to have a great weekend? Don’t get wrapped up in FOMO, COMMIT to a plan and then go with it.


  • Want to be more fit? COMMIT to an exercise routine and then do it. No more thinking required.


  • Want to find a relationship? COMMIT to getting to know someone. Throw out the idea that if you keep swiping, you’ll find someone better.

Know that by committing to something in the moment DOES NOT MEAN committing for the rest of your life.
It means commit for right now, or for the next week, or month, or whatever your goal is, and then see how it unfolds, making adjustments along the way.
In my toilet paper example, let’s say I get the 2-ply. Then after a couple weeks I realize that I’d actually prefer the 3-ply. The next time I go to the store, I’ll get 3-ply. It’s all good. No need to stress and beat myself up about my 2-ply choice.
So I invite you, to ask yourself right now: What can I commit to?
Write it down, commit in your mind, and then DO IT!

Feel the power behind it - it feels good doesn’t it? Refreshing almost.
Give it a try, and post below how it goes.
Shine on️☀️

ps If you find that doubtful thoughts creep back into your mind after you've committed, just repeat to yourself, "I commit to my choice" until they go away.