Have you made a new commitment in your life?

Whether it's to get healthy, read more, find a new job, etc, it's all very thrilling and exciting at the beginning, but then the energy of it can wear off and you go back to your old patterns. Sigh. 
Because here's the thing, when we’re in the throws of making changes in our lives and committing to something new, often things (ahem, excuses) get in the way!
Things like time and money.
Have you ever wanted to do something, say take a class, but then you tell yourself that you don’t have time or you don’t have the money?
I’m guessing the answer is probably YES.
Of COURSE you do! I do too, it’s human nature!
And it’s a common socially acceptable reason, which makes it super easy to enrol yourself and others in that excuse.
So here’s the deal: if you’re struggling with your new commitment and making excuses, try swapping one commitment for another.
But wait. How do you find your current priorities and commitments?
Take a look at how you currently spend your time and your money.
Try this out: for the next week, keep track of your time.

  1. Make a note in your phone or in a notebook all the things you do during the day and the amount of time spent on them.
  2. Tally them into categories like: sleep, work, cooking, driving, getting ready, spending time with people, social media etc.
  3. Note the top 3 – these are the 3 biggest time commitments in your life.

Are you surprised? Is your life as balanced as you’d like it to be? Is there something in there that you can do less of to create space for the thing that you REALLY want to do?  
Next is money. Eeek, I know.
Many times a lot of fear comes up for people when it comes to taking a look at how they spend their money. If that’s the case for you, then come at this from a place of curiosity and non-judgement, you’re just doing a little detective work.
The idea is to get information so that you can then slot in the things that you actually WANT to be doing and make your life better, not to beat yourself up about your financial choices in the past!
So go ahead and look at your bank statement and do a similar exercise as the time one. Create categories like rent/mortgage, transportation, food, shopping, going out etc
Any surprises here?
When I did this exercise, I found that I spent a LOT more money on going out with friends than I realized. But, once I became aware of this I could become a lot more conscious of my spending in these situations and create alternatives.
Instead of going out, I’d have a friend over for dinner and then put that money towards the glass working class I really wanted to do. Win win. 
Commitment longevity can be difficult in the beginning, so RECOMMITMENT (daily) is required.
It also helps immensely to have someone to help keep you focused, accountable, and on track. Someone like a friend, mentor or coach. So grab a buddy and get started. 

Or if you’re curious as to how I could help you really dig into this and get you on the right track, you can book a free clarity call with me HERE.
Eventually your new commitment becomes your new way of life and it’s all a lot easier. You’ve got this!
Shine on☀️