Happy International Women’s Day to all the Ladies AND all the Gents out there!

I am fierce about equality for not only women, but all humans.

It makes sense to me that if you’re human then you are entitled to the same rights as all other humans, regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs, height, weight, age, occupation, etc.

In addition to fairness, embracing true equality is what creates DIVERSITY in society. But why is that important?

Because diversity facilitates the PURPOSE of everyone on the planet - which is to EVOLVE and GROW in LOVE and JOY.

When we embrace diversity in our lives, it stretches us to expand ourselves by seeing another point of view, by practicing compassion and by creating connection.

It helps us to grow into our own unique purpose.

When someone is restricted from the FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION of being who they are, when someone is restricted from THRIVING in their own unique way, diversity doesn’t occur.

Instead there is stuckness in a limited point of view, in a limited way of thinking, in a limited way of being. Purpose is lacking, tension is building, and personal growth is stifled for us all. 

So on this International Women’s Day, I really can’t think of anyone better to embrace in the name of GROWTH than women.

Women, after all, are the creative force of nature - evolving, expanding, and growing.

Today I hope everyone will celebrate the contributions, the rights, the ideas, and the full expression from women of all cultures and backgrounds.

Celebrate this day as an opportunity to facilitate growth and purpose in your own life, and in turn, the lives of others.  

Shine on☀️