nicole w

I want to take a moment to say how INCREDIBLE it is to work with Katherine. I've been healing a lot of core stuff for the past while with her and it's been the most loving, healing and trusting surrender I've done lately and it's paying in big ways! I notice immediate and lasting results. It's truly amazing.

Katherine, thank you for your dedication, warmth and light.

Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤️



Ryan p

From my very first conversation with Katherine I was able to implement some basic strategies of how I approach goals in my life. I was skeptical at first but extremely impressed and amazed by the almost immediate results. All I did was change the way I viewed a problem or a goal and the results seemed to be immediate. I became more effective in my job and more engaged as a father and husband. I saw quicker and more relevant results in all areas of my personnel life. 

More importantly I was able to celebrate those results which was something I had not been able to do in the past. I wish I could monetize the return on my time with Katherine but I believe that the benefits will be ongoing and I will enjoy these returns for a very long time.

If you are having difficulties achieving something in your life, in your career or relationships and are looking for a competitive advantage. I would highly recommend and encourage you to speak with Katherine.



Gaby w

Life was hard. It was honestly like a nightmare that I knew I would never wake up from. No joy, no bliss, hardly any laughter at all, only despair and regret.

A friend connected me to Katherine and she graciously offered to coach me. I was desperate and defeated. 

I could not believe how helpful an emotionally intelligent, resourceful and skilled person like her could be. 

I felt energy when we spoke and so grateful that someone cared. 

Over 6 months, Katherine helped me in ways I didn't know a person could be helped. Like a coach, but for life's real problems and gut wrenching issues. She helped me prioritize self care, organize my thoughts and goals, cut off emotional baggage that was literallly draining me of any joy and assist as specific crises arose. 

You know those moments in life when you feel punched in the gut and have no way to respond or get out of that crappy place? Katherine's practical and emotionally centred advice changed the way I relate to people in my life and helped me to stand my ground. 

Gratitude does not even begin to cover it! I cannot believe how much progress we made and I wouldn't have believed I'd be sitting here today feeling joy and contentment.